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Direct Access 1.0



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Define meaningful words as global commands for repetitive tasks: - Open applications, folders, and websites- Compose emails- Automatically type text (autotext) Use them across all applications without taking your fingers off the keyboard and without being pestered by misfires. They re easier to remember than key combinations, faster than the mouse. You can even set up custom menus, for example grouping standard tech support answers or signatures. Direct Access monitors the keyboard while you work. Regardless of what application you are using, if you type a command, Direct Access suggests an action via a tooltip. If you press F1, Direct Access performs the action and removes the command word as required. If you ignore the suggestion and just keep using your application, the tooltip vanishes - Direct Access is designed not to interrupt you. You can drag and drop to create simple commands, or define them manually using the powerful user interface. Use Direct Access to:- Execute actions by typing user-defined commands across all applications. - Save time on repetitive tasks: open files, documents, websites, and insert text just by typing a word.- Open your favorite websites by typing a meaningful name.- Open a folder instantly by typing its name.- Insert the same autotext anywhere - even in applications without built-in autotext!- Breeze through e-mails using combinations of boiler-plate text, automatically inserting just the right signature at the end. - Paste standard programming structures into editors. No more:- Breaking your typing flow to use the mouse.- Repetitive drilling through menus and folders for the same items.- Laboriously setting up autotext and signatures for different applications.- Copying and pasting boilerplate emails and letters. Whatever your level of computer knowledge - if you can type - then Direct Access is the productivity tool for you.

Systems: Windows

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